KSA Participates in the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2020 in Davos

KSA Participates in the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2020 in Davos

Under the theme of “Stakeholders for Cohesive and Sustainable World” the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has participated in the Forum’s Annual Meeting 2020 with a high-level delegation which was held in Davos, Switzerland, from 21 to 24.

The Forum’s Annual Meeting is one of the most important global meetings, that aims to engage world leaders from both public and private sectors in collaborative activities to shape the global agenda, and address the challenges facing the world in order to improve the state of the world through discussions and dialogues.

The Forum focused this year on several economic, technological, environmental, social, industrial and geopolitical issues, the most prominent of which are how to address urgent climatic and environmental challenges; how to transform industries to achieve more sustainable and inclusive business models; how to reduce the risks of fourth industrial revolution technologies, and how to adapt to demographic (population), social, and technological changes that reshape education, employment, job opportunities and entrepreneurship. The meeting has witnessed three thousand participants of financial and business background, as well as political leaders and academic elites.

KSA delegation to the Annual Meeting this year was headed by the Minister of State and Member of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Assaf. The delegation consisted of a large number of senior officials (Highnesses and Excellencies), as well as representatives of major Saudi private sector companies and a number of Saudi businesspersons.

As part of the effort to enhance its international presence, to consolidate its global position, and highlight its strategic relations with WEF, the Kingdom participated under the theme: "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ... An Effective Global Enabler"; especially as the Kingdom chairs the G20 Summit this year, which will be held in November 2020. The Kingdom has participated in six sessions that focused on three main topics: the Kingdom’s role as an enabling force in the international community based on its efforts to support regional and international stability; the Kingdom’s position as the stabilizing and progressive force in the global energy market, which highlights its leading role in the stabilizing the energy market, and its leading role in promoting the balance between the interests of energy producing and consuming countries, along with highlighting its advancement and aspirations in the field of renewable energy; and the economic strength of the Kingdom, and its awareness of its responsibility in light of its current G20 presidency.

It is worth noting that WEF is an independent international non-profit organization that aims to improve the state of the world.

It was founded by Professor Klaus Schwab in 1971 in Switzerland, and regional offices were opened in a number of major international cities such as New York and Beijing. The annual Forum meetings are attended by leaders, presidents and senior officials of countries and international companies.

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