Our Mandate

SCISP aims to harmonize and coordinate all of the Kingdom's efforts related to its international strategic partnerships with partner countries. Such efforts aim to build, develop and strengthen such partnerships, as well as coordinate and monitor their programs with relevant stakeholders.

To achieve SCISP objective it has been given the following mandate:

Work & Coordinate

Develop and strengthen international strategic partnerships.

Activate & Monitor

Activate and monitor the outcomes of partnerships, propose mechanisms to improve benefits.

Collect Information

Collect information about the potential for cooperation with Partnerships.

Coordinate Agendas

Propose the Official bilateral visits calendar and agenda with Partnerships.

Engage Consulting Firms

Engage specialized consulting firms for the performance of the Center’s tasks as necessary.

Develop Criteria

Develop the Criteria for the Kingdoms Strategic Partnerships.

Develop Action Plan

Develop the Partnerships activation plan.

Propose Investment Enablers

Propose various investment enablers and take all the necessary steps towards the issuance of the necessary legal instruments that support the creation of an attractive investment environment in the Kingdom, and follow up the implementation of such instruments in coordination with the relevant authorities.

Prepare Lists

Maintain Knowledge on all Partnerships Economic sectors.

Propose Joint Committees

Propose the formation of the joint high-level committees with each of the strategic partnership countries.

Conduct Studies

Propose the Programs and Plans to achieve the common interests with kingdoms Partners.

Investigate & Evaluate

Identify opportunities with the International Partnerships to achieve the Kingdoms national interests.

Study & Propose Awareness

Propose Programs and Plans to improve the Kingdoms social and cultural image with Partnerships.

Organize Various Seminars

Organize various seminars and workshops to support and strengthen international strategic partnerships.

Perform Other Tasks

Perform such other tasks as may be assigned by the Board.

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